stempel_klein2Transporting over the whole world has significantly increased in the last few years and it has become standard to utilize wooden packaging. Unprotected wooden packaging can potentially have disease carrying organisms within the wood. Therefore it is necessary to make protective measures to the export of wooden packaging. We have put into place a set of measures and rules to prevent this threat the IPPC (International Plant Protection) has been working on world-standard universal recognised measures which are being adjusted to the wooden packing. The result of this, is the world-standard ISPM no. 15. With this standard, we can export wooden packaging over the entire world.
De government and the businesses have been busy in the last couple of years with the introduction of a Dutch marketing system. Because of that, the Foundation Marking Wooden Packaging has founded. Kistenfabriek de Boer is a member of this foundation and has nr 048 and the licence to produce wooden packing and to brand it with the ISPM no. 15 mark. The most important rules are described in the ISPM no. 15, being:


Kdb FSC certificaat Kistenfabriek De Boer Bv