Company Profile

Zaandam and its environment is one of the oldest industrial regions of Holland.
Here you will find Kistenfabriek de Boer b.v. Industrial Packaging.
For generations, our company has been active in producing wooden chests and crates.

In 1918, Willem de Boer started a saw mill in Zaandam. Currently, Kistenfabriek de Boer is located at the new industrial area in Westerspoor in Zaandam. Our company has changed through the years and has grown to meet todays needs. We are a specialist in making chests, crates, skids and many more wood related products, as well as the packing of capital goods.

Under the direction of Cees Dekker and Lex Clardij: Kistenfabriek de Boer creates together with the rest of the staff – A good product of the best quality!

Since the beginning of 2007 our company is ISO certified. Our wood is also HT, ISPM 15 certified. For more information about ISO certification you can pay a visit to

Since March 2009 we are in the possession of the VCA Certificate. VCA stands for Safety, Health and Environment Checklist Contractors, but it is much more! Check for more information.